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    ##do not write below this line##


      Hi All,


      We would like now is to add a line to the top of our customer and analyst notifications, ie. ##do not write below this line##. Everything below the line should be removed, everything above will be added to the case notes.  Most customers will use reply when sending notes back to the desk which would then add unnecessary text to the note..


      Any ideas how we can accomplish?

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          smiddleton Expert

          Adding the text ##do not write below this line## to the notifications is a simple matter of editing each Add Reminder or Assignment in the process which sends a message, however from the rest of your question i get the impression you are using the mailbox functionality to create or update cases within the system.


          I don't believe it's possible from this area of the tool to remove part of the message content, however you might be able to do something with the message once its added by using some calculation functionality to strip out the known portion of the email and only use the bit above that line.


          Essentially create a new string -1 attribute on the note object, add this new field to the add note window. You will then need to create a calculation on the new field which will strip out the unneeded text.