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    understand the software distribution return code

    HermiM Apprentice


      After I readed the "LANDesk Error Codes-1.pdf" I understood that a HResult return code (used by LANDesk for return code) = Severity + reserved bits + Facility + return code and 32 bis are used to present that

      What I wasn't able to find in the document mentioned above is how many bits is used for severity? how many bits are reserved ? how many bits used for Facility ? how many bits for return code?

      for example I have a return code (from LANDesk Console) 9999. But when I check sdclient.log file I found another HEX code 8DB5270F. The HEX number is coded on 32 bit but how can I find each component (Severity, Facility and return code)??


      Please I need help I never be able to understand that :-(