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    Return Code 448 and 458


      LDMS 9.6.  Trying to deploy LDAV, failing with return code 448 - target is a Windows 2012 R2 A.D.D.S. server.


      Also we have a Windows 7 Pro desktop - clean install, Windows firewall turned off.  We get a failure while trying to remove the 'endpoint protection' component.


      Does anyone know what return codes 448 and/or 458 mean?  I had no luck finding these error codes in the knowledge base.


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Is the 447 "actually" a 447 or a typo'd 457?


          If it's a typo, then this article here should answer your questions (as that includes a bunch of exit codes):

          - Agent Return Codes


          Should help you along I hope .


          458 == "failed to remove HIPS" ... so you may need to talk to support about how to do that (assuming HIPS / EPS is actually down on those boxes?).

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            "Is the 447 "actually" a 447 or a typo'd 457?"


            I did not get a return code of 447.  I am getting Result: Failed to install Landesk Antivirus. Return code 448.



            I am certain I entered the return codes correctly in my question. It is 448.  I have also gotten 458 but the one I am struggling with right now is a 448.  LD 9.6.  SP3.  If I right-click the failed client and select "View Log", below is the text from the end of the log file where the failure occurs.  I installed SP3 on the core yesterday and then pushed out an updated agent to the client, and I am still getting the same results.  I have put in a support ticket and it has been 8 days since I have gotten a reply, so I am beyond frustrated with their so-called technical support. I think I am going to install Symantec on this machine and be done with it.  I do appreciate your help; I am just really frustrated by the lack of technical support.  Is it just me, or has anyone else had bad experiences with their tech support?


            Downloading updates
            Downloading http://LANDESK1.domain.local/ldlogon/avclient/install/setup/bases.cab
            Contacting server...

            Failed: Could not download http://LANDESK1.domain.local/ldlogon/avclient/install/setup/bases.cab
            Contacting server...

            Contacting server...

            Sending status to core


            Many thanks,

            Sam S.

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              I just found this: Error 448? Install LANDesk Antivirus failed

              I think this might be the answer.  I will post again if it works.

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                I am also getting this "448" error evidently randomly when deploying LANDesk AV with 9.6 SP2.


                I say "randomly" because my AV install will work great on a box, then they reboot and it throws 448, then they reboot again (or sometimes not even) and it's green success again.  Or sometimes it immediately throws 448 and I cannot get it to ever be success even reinstalling AV.


                This is only to Windows 7 x64 machines.  I am currently running McAfee.  The LANDesk AV install appears to actually be installed and working great on ALL my targets -- removes McAfee successfully too.  All reporting in Admin console ("Security Activity") looks peachy.


                I also tried that older post about removing the thumbs.db files.  I did so on my clients (the ones that already failed) and the core server and my preferred server.  Tried again, no luck.  And of course thumbs.db don't exist on new installs (which is good).


                So I'm curious if these are false negatives mostly??