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    Rollout Project Order of Operations


      I've viewed Rollout Instructions for software distribution at How To: Get Started Using the New Rollout Projects Tool for Software Distribution  However, I don't see any mention of the following:


      If I want to run the rollout as a scheduled task:

      1. Do I schedule the task first, then press play on the project proper?
      2. Do I press play on the project proper then schedule a task?
      3. Does the sequence of 1 & 2 even matter?
      4. Do I press play on all steps in the rollout as well as the rollout proper or just the rollout proper?
      5. Do I press play on the package?
      6. If the shortest interval a task may run is hourly, then does that mean that there will be a minimum of 1 hour between each step in the project?


      It seems no matter what I do or what order I do it the rollout fails. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

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          wcoffey SupportEmployee

          It's up to you but I recommend creating your project first , then place it in "play" mode when you are ready for the workflowprocessor to process it. Also place all desired steps in "play" mode. Next create the scheduled task to run at your desired interval. The task only tells the workflowprocessor when to run. When ran, the worflowprocessor will evaluate all projects/steps in "play" mode. If you have a project in "pause" but steps on "play", the steps under that project will not be evaluated. The project has to be in "play" mode for the steps to even be evaluated. Any steps in your project that are not in "play" mode will not be evaluated. A software package is a piece of content that, once added must also be in "play" mode. By default, this content is in "play" mode but can excluded from processing if you "pause" the content. Think of "content" as a vehicle and the "exit criteria" as a traffic light. Vehicles move from intersection to intersection when the light turns green, just as content moves from step to step once the exit criteria has been met. If you target a subset of devices in step 1 and a different subset of devices in step 2, the content from step 1 will move to step 2. The shortest interval the schedule will attempt to tell the workflowprocessor to evaluate your project/steps is every hr. If you want them evaluated more often, you can process them manually by selecting the "process now" option.


          If you are continuing to experience frustrations with the tool please open up a support case and one of our technicians will assist you in achieving success. Make sure you upload the workflowprocessor.details.log (core side file - mamagementsuite\log) file to the case when you create it.

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            Thank you wcoffey for the clarification. You stated that "A software package is not "playable", it's a piece of content. If the step it resides in is in play mode it will be evaluated." I interpret this to mean that in order for the same software package to be deployed to a different set of targets in each successive step that I must either add the package to each step individually or I must add the package only to the FIRST STEP and enable "Keep all content together" under EVERY STEP. Is that accurate?

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              wcoffey SupportEmployee

              Thanks for the follow-up question. My initial response was incomplete but has been updated. If you choose to add more than one piece of content in a step for SWD I recommend using a bundle and not using the "Keep all content together" option. I find that option more suitable for the patching function.

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                Thank you once again for providing further clarification. It was indeed helpful. I appreciate it very much!