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    Lenovo OneLink PXE boot


      We have a Lenovo OneLink+ dock and we are trying to boot through that to image a laptop (X1 Carbon - 20FB model).


      Has anybody had any luck with this? We get an IP address but once it tried to resolve the Corename it cannot. keeps happening....


      Anybody know the exact NIC driver thats built into the OneLink docking station?  By the way, my boot.wim file works on other models.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          If you get the IP address, could be that your problem is DNS and not the laptop potentially?


          Try editing the HOSTS file in the WIM's (and redeploy the PXE reps) to have a "hard resolve" to all of your Core variants (NETBIOS name, FQDN - whatever you use).


          I generally don't trust DNS to function during PXE and usually recommend liberally making use of the HOSTS file(s) because they're usually more reliable than DNS I find.


          Can you actually ping the Core's IP (when / if you open a CMD prompt) within PXE? Might be enough to play around that way ... if you can reach the Core by IP, the HOSTS file approach should work for you.


          Hope that helps?

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            FrugalRain Apprentice



            We have same model and same issue although for now we work around it using  onelink plus ethernet adaptor until we figure it out.

            I haven't tested it yet but believe you may need to add the mac address of the actual dock rather than the machine into landesk as bare metal server prior to imaging.


            The other thing we needed to do with this model was to create an image based on UEFI disk system, it doesn't appear to like GPT but you may encounter that once you get past the point your at.


            good luck

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              FrugalRain Apprentice

              sorry meant MBR, not GPT