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    How can I remove the duplicate records?


      When creating multiple filters, my data duplicates the records found. Is there anyway to remove the duplicate records?

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          Duplicate records typically occur when you are dealing with 1-to-many data relationships, not specifically from using multiple filters.  In fact, I can cause duplicate records with just a single filter.


          For example, if I have help desk Incident records and I want to see a list of tickets that were transferred last month.  Typically, information about transfers are stored in a separate table from the incident data, and each incident can have 0, 1, or multiple transfer records.  If I use a filter of Transfer Date Last Month, Xtraction will link the incident data with the transfer data and if a ticket was transferred 5 times last month, it will find those 5 relevant transfer records and return the same ticket 5 times in the record list.  A ticket transferred 3 times during that same period would show up 3 times.


          In the above example, to have the list contain each ticket that was transferred but only listed once, you would need to use the Subquery filter option.


          To better understand if this is what is happening to you, can you please provide some more information.  Specifically, what type of data are you looking at?  If you are using one of our adapters (like LANDESK Service Desk, Cisco UCCX, Microsoft SCCM, etc.), it would suffice to just name the adapter and the specific view you are using. Also, what are the details about the multiple filters.




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            andrew.strakis Apprentice

            I have an example that I'm stuck on if you can help.


            From ServiceDesk I want to display all incidents assigned to a group that haven't had a note added to them over 7 days. As soon as I add the column 'Note Date Created' it finds multiple notes per incident thus displays the incident multiple times.


            How to I tell Xtraction to 'only show one note per incident' or the 'latest note only'?

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              GreggSmith SupportEmployee

              Hello Andrew,


              You will need to use a Subquery filter to accomplish what you are looking for.  You did not indicate it in your description, but I assume you are only interested in Active incidents assigned to a group that have not had a note in over 7 days.  Is that correct?  Otherwise, a closed ticket from 2 years ago with no updates meets your original conditions.


              Assuming you are referring to LANDESK Service Desk, I took a look and a Subquery option for Incident Notes is not configured out of the box, so you will need to set that up.


              In the Data Model Editor on the server , bring up the Properties dialog for the Incident view, and add a new Subquery Link in the appropriate tab:




              The Parent is the Process PK field in the PROCESS table under the Incident View:



              The Child is the Incident PK field in the NOTE table under the Incident View:




              Save the Data Model file.

              From the web interface, click on the Administration button at the bottom and select Reload > Data Model

              Then refresh your browser to reload the Xtraction web app.


              Now, the filter you are looking to set up is this:


              This will return all Incidents that are active, assigned to the specified group, and (based on the subquery defined below) NOT in the list of Incidents that have had notes added in the last 7 days.  Note, when setting that date filter condition, I checked the "Include current" option so that it looks at today's notes as well.



              I hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.




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