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    CSA Update Patch 178

    carlos Expert

      Today i got this message on my CSA:


      GSB431_178CSA accumulative patch 178

      Patch 178 contains the following fixes: 1. 327834: The CSA still shows up as vulnerable to CVE-2016-2107 (Qualys SSL Labs). Patch replaced the shared OpenSSL library but did not replace a statically linked copy. 2. 322168: The blocked client certificates list shows an incorrect created column. The fix will insert the current time when a cert is added to the list. 3. 329849: Protect the PHP scripts against HTTPoxy (sic) attacks CVE-2016-5385 by intercepting Proxy HTTP header properties. 4. 209318: Third-party certificates do not work in FIPS 140-2 mode and cause the CSA to become inoperable. After applying patch 178, third-party certificates need to be reinstalled before switching to FIPS mode. Do not reverse that order!  


      What is it that we suppose to do?