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    LANDesk Server Application Uninstall /Reinstall

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      I really need some help.


      I have already had to scrap one test server due to a corrupt LANDesk uninstall and I really don't want to have to ask the our Infrastructure team to rebuild again.


      I have had a lot of issues lately when uninstalling and reinstalling 2 different versions of the LANDesk client.  I am setting up a new test environment and installed the latest version of LANDesk 2016.2.  I then removed this version and installed the current version we have on our live environment LANDesk 7.8 to go through and document the upgrade process from one version to another as I am aware that there is a part of the upgrade that migrates RSS Generator and Web applications.  Here is what happened:


      This was a brand new server built for testing and the install of LANDesk 2016.2 went smoothly.


      I decided to remove 2016.2 - the uninstall reported 'Successful'.  I then installed LANDesk 7.8 and this installation reported 'Successful'.  After the install the Configuration Center login page launched but an error appeared after the installation:

      System.InvalidOperationException: Instance validation error: 'Framework' is not a valid value for ComponentName.


      I had a look on your site to see if I could find any information on this error but didn't find any.  I then decided that I could live with not upgrading from one version to the other on this occasion as I knew this went smoothly when I attempted on the last server.  So I removed LANDesk 7.8 and the uninstall process reported again as 'Successful'.


      However, now when I try to install LANDesk 2016.2 it gets stuck at this "Removing Configuration Centre 'UninstallString' value from registry.  I have attached the log if it helps.


      The thing is it has midway installed the application and the only options are to Cancel or Try again - Try again fails but when you choose Cancel the setup closes but it does not rollback any changes and you are left with a partial install on your system and when you attempt to run the setup again it pick up where it left off - at the error message above.


      It seems the uninstall of LANDesk doesn't clean up properly and leaves behind traces of previous installations and when a new installation hits an error it doesnt rollback the changes.


      Is there a cleanup tool available or a guided manual uninstall procedure??


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          AM06160 Apprentice

          Sorry the page refreshed and I lost the attachments ...

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            <Moving this to the ITAM section since it's more ITAM / Service Desk install related than Management Suite related - the folks in that place should hopefully be able to help you >

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              Paul Hyman Expert



              You might want to report this to your Local support provider.

              You will notice on https://community.landesk.com/message/129495?et=watches.email.thread#129495 the same issue


              Unfortunately I can not supply any reg files as these might differ slight between versions




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                AM06160 Apprentice

                Hi Paul,


                Many thanks for your reply. 


                I have logged a support case with them.  Hopefully we can work towards a resolution. 


                If so, I will update this page with any advice so that it may help others who might come across this in the future.




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                  AM06160 Apprentice

                  So to update, I logged this with LANDesk support.  I received one email back asking for the install logs.  I sent this back a couple of weeks ago and have received no response since.


                  Since then I have restored the server back to the point before we installed LANDesk and this allowed us to install LANDesk 2016.2 successfully.  I have since upgraded on our live environment okay.


                  Just a warning to anyone who is setting up a server for LANDesk - do not reinstall /uninstall or you will have issues installing again as it doesn't seem to cleanly uninstall and leftover traces of a previous installation cause issues when installing another version.  If you have to install the product start with your earlier version and upgrade accordingly.



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                    Dear team,


                    We are facing the same the same issue, we are trying to uninstall the 2016.3 in Lab and trying to re-installing but unable to uninstall and reinstall.


                    And this is not right way to every time we are facing the such type of issue and saying to client to give the new VM. so provide the proper solution and that will help to uninstall all the registry key and all the data and after that we can re-install.

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                      rs090 Apprentice

                      Adding to this post.   We are a fairly new customer who started on 2016.1 and upgraded to 2016.2   We have been trying to upgrade to 2016.4 in our dev and test environments for over a month now and have run in to many issues outlined in this post.


                      The uninstaller for 2016.2 fails at the first step of removing virtual directories, so we were advised to rebuild the VM's and load 2016.4 on fresh VM's ultimately.     Worked OK but having to rebuild VM's not a very good workaround and something that's going to take us longer to do in production than we can do in the near term.   We now have our DEV environment on 2016.4 but need to put it back on 2016.2 to continue development.  After uninstalling 2016.4 we found the uninstaller leaves components in place  (identity server) which then corrupts the install of 2016.2 when trying to use configuration center.  We are going on a month now of working with support, engineers, and having to load and reload VM's. I echo the OP original post, be wary about using the uninstaller.


                      This could be related to our environment (group policy or some other setting we run) but found it interesting to see others having similar frustration with the uninstall.  Thought I'd leave some feedback as the more people who report this the more likely any pattern will emerge that gets attention.