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    Server Manager canned reports

    Stephen Burke Apprentice

      Are there any canned (or user created) reports? I am looking for a report showing basically the same information as "System Summary" from a Server Manager window. I am not a report creator so am humbly asking for assistance. I tried modifying the disk summary report and almost gave myself an imbelism. I'm basically looking to run this report against a query of servers in my environment pulling drives - CPU usage - memory information.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          I don't believe it is available. The system is designed to create alerts rather than being a querying and reporting system.


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            Stephen Burke Apprentice

            Anyone with any useful comments out there?


            Why would there be querying and reporting be built into LANDesk if it wasn't designed to do it? Plus, you ARE posting in the "Reporting" forum, are you not?

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              update you know, I think I just realized what your question really was... in the native console, go to Column Set Configuration and select the attributes you want to see. Save, right-click, set as default. Now go to All Devices, right click, choose View As Report. Is that what you wanted?


              Before you give yourself another embolism, realize that you threw Mark off by mentioning Server Manager's status alerting, which is not the same thing as LANDesk's general reporting features. They should be related, but then, I should be doing something else on a Sunday morning, and here we are.


              Generally speaking, in order to produce a report, one follows these steps:

              1) make sure that you can't find it in the canned reports (and make sure you check both canned reports repositories, the one in the native console is different than the one in the web console (yes that is dumb, but those responsible have been sacked and sent to Norway))

              2) Use the native console to produce a query that shows what you want, right-click it, and chose "view as report" if this is the only time you want to use it or "new custom report" to use it repeatedly (for instance, a scheduled emailed report).


              However, in order to get something from a report it's got to be in the database, and current status isn't. You can report on system health as it was at the time that inventory ran, but you'd better filter on the time reported (same place). For instance, my database reports health status 2 (Okay) for a server that hasn't been powered on in months. It was okay back then though. A Server Manager client sends status change alerts back to the core for alerting purposes, but those changes don't update the inventory database.


              The short answer is to do more frequent inventory scans, enter a request with support for Server Manager to act better, or to ask Mark very nicely to consider your needs in the next revision of his PowerState Notifier tool, which has the right architecture to do what you want (update the database in more-or-less realtime).


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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup



                I stand by my answer since it is accurate.  You asked if you could produce a report based on the information provided by server manager and the system just isn't designed to work in that way (which is a hole as far as I am concerned).  The suggestion for using custom columns is a good one and will help but will not give you the information you requested; it will give you a best alternative as far as the 'snapshot' inventory mechanism is concerned.


                Ask a specific question, get a specific answer; don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the answer.


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                  Stephen Burke Apprentice

                  It seems there was misunderstanding on both our parts (grin). I was not asking for a report inside the Server Manager interface, but inside LANDesk's Reporting module (sorry for assumption), with the information that is contained in Server Manager's "System Summary" .


                  To Jack, real time stats were not necessary. whatever was contained in the database at the time the report was run would suffice. I have a job scheduled at 5am that perfoms a scan and this is the data that I would look to report on. Actually when I first thought about this I had hit the properties (rightclick menu) in Server Manager that showed me exactly what I was looking for (see attached srvprop.jpg) although again not looking for real time results.


                  My true purpose for posting, like I said, "I'm not a report creator" (It's funny that I'm asked all the time however, for a report on this, a report on that....). The closest I got was to take the "Disk Space Summary" canned report and try to modify it since it showed partially what I wanted (see attached srvdsk.jpg), but after 2 days of mucking about with it, I came up with nothing but garbage that looked anything but what I originally started out with.



                  Jack I will try your suggestion


                  Marxtar, sorry for the confusion (and tone, grin)

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                    the percentage is going to be ugly to do without bringing the data into Excel. Otherwise, get a query going and you should have what you want, then schedule it to email. Since you're doing disks, you'll probably want this tip: http://www.droppedpackets.org/reports/collapsing-data-in-reports/


                    Also, filter on "Mass Storage"."Logical Drive"."Removable" <> "Yes" so you don't get USB and floppy drives.

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                      Stephen Burke Apprentice
                      I had also looked at that while trying to get this working.
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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        No worries Stephen.  I normally try to provide more of a workaround but though on this occassion since you'd already played with the report designer you probably knew the inventory well enough.


                        I wish percentages would be calculated in the inventory since it would be a useful measure in there rather than having to work out some way to achieve it.  As far as the rest of the items go such as cpu and virtual memory, they are real time so snapshots are relatively useless.


                        Jack is right that we could add some of this to an architecture such as the one Power State Notifier has but with an item such as CPU the changes would be too frequent and generate constant traffic.  I would go more toward an inventory translation utility that parses values and generates a result such as percentage.  from what I've seen of Managed Planet's Data Translation Services product I think it would do this but it is a pretty major product for a smaller requirement like this.


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                          Stephen Burke Apprentice

                          So, after this grueling report creation process (or not), I have come up with a half a$$ed (excuse the language) attempt at this report.


                          I was able to put in my report the following: total physical mem. available physical mem, total storage, available storage.


                          a couple of things....


                          1. If I filter on removable storage, I don't get all of my servers on the report (some don't have floppy drives)

                          2. If I try to collapse the data (memory) how do I get the first drive letter to be on the same line as the first detail line (server, ip, and memory). I am using the detail header for the first three and the detail for the drive statuses. (see image)

                          3. I seem to not be able to display the MB along with the value like in your report (see image). Could that be a version thing? I am on 8.7 SP3 (and can't upgrade yet)

                          4. Is the CPU data held in the inventory DB at all, or is it all real time? I would at least like to have it in the DB when I do a scan to prep for this report.

                          5. The only way I found to get a workable report was to export the thing to Excel and then go in and reformat the entire spreadsheet. (and that's BEFORE I noticed I was missing 12 pages of Server information) [grin]