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    having issues with android devices

    joereid89 Rookie

      Hi All

      I have been using avalanche for over a year now for deploying custom-built apps to android devices

      The previous device we were using was the Samsung Galaxy K zoom camera - no issues

      We have tested another 2 deivices as the K Zoom has reached end of life, and both have an issue which I had never seen before

      The 2 devices are both android phones, the Sony XA and the Samsung Galaxy S7


      Both can be enrolled onto avalanche OK, both sync OK, both install the apps and restrictions as defined in avalanche, however, both have the same issue when I try to enrol another device of the same type - the new deviceis enrolled, but the original does not show on avalanche any longer; although the apps and restrictions are in place.


      This happens even if the devices are enrolled in seperate groups



      Has anyone ever seen this before, and can anyone advise what I an do to correct this?