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    Newbie Questions Regarding PSP


      Hello All,


      My company just implemented LANDesk 8.8 and I have an idea regarding Policy Supported Push, but I would like some input as if I am doing this the correct way before I put this in our test environment.


      Because of our company structure, machines receive certain applications based on the user's department so our Active Directory structure is organized in such a way that user machines are placed into specific OUs (Computers>Accounting>Desktop>WinXP would be an example of our OU structure).  I'm basically looking for a way to automate our new machine build process as much as possible.  I would like to set up a scheduled task per OU and just leave it be unless a new application is added to the department's standard applications.  When new machines are added to an OU, I would like LANDesk to perform the query of the OU, recognize that a new machine was added to the OU and then install all the required applications.


      Now, here's what I was thinking of doing:


      - Create a query to perform an LDAP lookup of the OU.

      - Create all necessary distribution packages with file checks to ensure applications aren't installed multiple times.

      - Create a scheduled task using PSP so that all machines in that OU will receive all the required applications eventually.


      This brings me to my questions:


      - Am I using PSP the right way?

      - Will new machines placed in the OU receive the applications without performing any action in the Management Console?

      - Do I need to set the task to repeat in order for new machines in the OU to be recognized?

      - Am I on the right track at all or am I wasting my time trying to do this?


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          you need a regular policy rather than a PSP, and you need it to refresh on a regular basis so that new matches to the query are caught. Also note the uninstall package association... probably not much real world utility unless you frequently move machines from OU to OU, but the kids on the curb at the Gas'n'Sip seem to think it's cool.


          PSPs are for when you want to introduce a new policy, but you want to push to the majority of the targets right now instead of waiting for them to get around to asking.

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            Thanks!  That clears things up for me a little.  Now, how do I make sure that the query is always pulling the latest information from AD?  I know the SCHEDQRY process by default runs every 60 minutes.  Do I just have to change the default run time of that value or is there another way to ensure that LANDesk is receiving the most up to date AD information?

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              You are looking in the right place.  increase the frequency and it will be more up to date.  Realise though that it is set this way to reduce load on the AD that would be caused by constant re-evaluations.  If you immediate updating once a machine is added, then the system isn't designed to do that so you need to handle the delay in some way.


              I did see another post about NetworkD's adgroups program, that might also help you.  It puts group memberships into the inventory so you can push to AD groups.


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                Schema extension is not something I like to encourage. Use the Primary Owner field (for user) or LDAP location (for computer) to target inventory based AD queries. If you want ADSI driven queries, just use Directory Manager to build your targeting.