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    Can't change Portal settings


      Hi All,


      I've run into a bit of a quirk with my 2016 core. I've created a Portal Link distribution package, nothing exotic just a link to our intranet wiki page, but I can't seem to get the associated scheduled task's portal option set.


      I set my target to an All Computers query I defined and tested, again nothing exotic, go to task settings > select policy >go down to Portal Settings and the whole thing is greyed out.






      I've tried from both core console and a remote console, same thing. I am the de facto LANDesk Administrator (that is the account I'm using in the console is in the appropriate user group to grant full admin access to LD). Not sure what's up. This a new, clean 2016 install, from scratch. I only have 8 managed devices thus far. Any ideas?