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    Software in Service Desk


      My software licensing person wants to build a request so end users can request software from IT. Not all of these users are managed by LDMS, therefore we cannot push the software to them. They would also like to be able to compile a running list of software requested, so that audits can be done by out Accessibility office (which handles testing of all software for accessibility). I believe eventually our entire campus will be managed by LDMS, but in the meantime we need to be able for users to request software and for us to be able to track the requests. Would it be best to create a category list for the software or some other type under configuration items? I want to build this so that when the time comes that everyone is managed by LDMS this will be a seamless process of request and then deploy software.

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          Senta SupportEmployee

          Hello Nelson,


          when the end goal is to use LDMS to roll out the software, you should link the packages in LDMS within SD anyways if it will be used for the current user/machine or not.


          The textbook approach would use a request process and the self-service catalogue. The available software is listed as requestable service in the catalogue for your users. You can publish Service Catalogue Items to users/groups/roles to ensure that only user who needs (or is entitled to request) the software can see them in the catalogue.

          The rest will be handled in the Request Process.

          Here you can check if the user/machine is managed by LDMS or if manual actions by the LDMS team is needed.

          You can line and/or re-import the inventory data from LDMS into the ITAM (Configuration Management) part of SD to keep track which user has what software so that this becomes available for your licensing person.