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    approve from Email


      Hi Dears


      if the manager approve the request from Email the request not update on the system   .


      Please advice

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          Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup



          how did the manager the approval for the request. Only with a reply?

          This could be a problem. Better is to make him two Links available in the email like 'approve' and 'reject'.

          Behind the links you start the approve or reject action of the request

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            How would you set that up?  It sounds like a great way to save approvers the time of opening the ticket, etc.  Thanks!

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              Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup

              Hi broberson,

              you have to add the dynamic links in your email notification for the approval.

              For WebAcces it looks like:

              - <a href="http://<your-server>/<your-instance>.WebAccess/wd/object/invokeFunction.rails?class_name=RequestManagement.Request&key=<GUID of request>&function_name=Authorise">...</a>

              - <a href="http://<your-server>/<your-instance>.WebAccess/wd/object/invokeFunction.rails?class_name=RequestManagement.Request&key=<GUID of request>&function_name=Reject">...</a>


              For Workspace it looks like:

              - <a href="applink:action?function_name=Authorise">...</a>

              - <a href="applink:action?function_name=Reject">...</a>


              these are the generic templates for the approval directly from email.


              best regards


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