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    Process for Configuration Item




      I am have a problem where in i need to assign a owner for all Configuration Items of Server type. This is handled by a lookup of user on the Server object. Now i need to define a deletion and changing of owner process on this CI. The problem is that i cannot create a process on the CI object. I am also open to a solution which will enable me to add a checkbox on the CI item which when ticked triggers a process and a ticket it created of request type.

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          I had the same concern as yours until I spoke to the support and they confirmed that if I am not able to modify a CI process under the Process Designer then this is related to a license issue. Luckily, I have got the TUM license which supports modifying the CI process so I raised a case with them asking to update the license so I can have the ability to create and modify CI processes

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            When I read the upgrade materials I felt the implication was that if you just had LDSD then you would not be allowed to edit the CI process.  If you have bought ITAM or had access to that via TUMS, then you would and a suitable license would be made available subject to commercial terms being agreed.


            if that is correct, it's a shame regular LDSD customer cannot edit the default CI process.

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              Hi Guys,


              Thanks for your help i really appreciate it guys. But i have another question. I currently have Enterprise plus LDSD pack from Landesk. Dose the eddition has the licence to create processes for CI? Also i wish to define a process to change the owner of the CI. So is there any other way i can create a process on CI or persorm some automation like send out notifications when some updates are made to CI.   

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                Probably not, I'd ask your LANDESK account manager to more closely define what you get for Enterprise Plus.  LDAC needs a different key to enable editing and creation of non-default CI processes.