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    Lines in Group Components


      I was poking around and noticed the lines tab in group components. Does anyone of a reference list of what can be used here (such as getting an average of the output, etc...)?


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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          In a group component, the lines will only work with the Bar and Column display options.


          Currently, like the lines option in the Time Component, they only draw a line at a specific value on the graph.  They are meant to represent a goal or threshold.  So, for example, if graphing the % uptime of services or % of tickets that met their SLA, your scale would be, say, 0-100 and want to draw a line at 95 (%).


          Time Components do have another "line option" to display a trend line, indicating a data set's trending over the time span represented.  Since the Group Component is not spanning time, trend lines are not as appropriate.


          Here is an example of a Group Component showing each group's average incident time to close value with 2 lines representing different thresholds we've identified.


          Group Lines.jpg