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    Identifying the cause of transaction log file growth


      We are using LANDesk Service Desk since 2011 and have the recovery mode set to Full on a single instance (not shared) database server.  In the last couple of months we have seen the transaction log grow quite quickly and taking up 20GB of space.  There has been no increase in usage over this period or increase in users.  Initially, when this issue began, the transaction log was taking 2 weeks to fill 20 GB and more recently it can do this within a working day.  Prior to this (and for a number of years) we did not have this issue and it seems to have begun in the last few months without increased traffic, upgrades or additional users.


      We are an oracle house and do not have monitoring tools like Solar winds to identify what the cause of the transaction log growth is.  I have found numerous articles on truncating and backing up the transaction log but what I want to figure out is why this issue is occurring.  Ideally I would like to know are steps to identify via SQL Server what the cause of the growth is without installing additional tools.