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    Scheduling reports in Landesk service desk


      I need to schedule reports and mail it on a regular interval. Can I do this using Scheduling Manager in landesk service desk or Do I need to install separately Crystal Designer in Landesk service desk.


      When exactly do I need to install Crystal Designer?

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi HimaniTanwar,


          yes, you can use the Schedule Manager for sending query results and reports on a regular base. Be aware that LDSD only has basic features in queries and reports. So if you're gonna need some advanced reports (cross referencing other tables, sorting, grouping and advanced calculation of data), containing some nice Gadgets, Bar Charts and other graphical features, you will want to install and use Crystal Reports.Otherwise use the Query and Report Designer in LDSD and schedule the reports to be sent automatically via mail.


          Just have a look at the query design page Query Design (LDSD and LDAC)  or the reporting landing page: Reporting (LDSD and LDAC)