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    Is it possible and how to uninstall component patches and service packs




      We are about to install 2 component patches and then 1 service pack upon LDMS 9.6.

      And in case those bring more trouble than they solve, we would like to know if they can be uninstalled and how it can be done safely.


      Thanks for the help.

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          if you are running a VM instance for your core, snapshot it, and also back up the database. if things go horrible, revert both. if you're not running a VM instance for your server, then the answer is, not really. Too much gets altered upon installing a patch or service pack. especially where the database is concerned. you will end up with a backup folder of the old files that it keeps for a just in case situation, but that's about it. you could theoretically still backup the database before the upgrades, and then if something went wrong, restoring the DB, and then manually putting back ALL the files from the backup folder, might have pretty good success on reverting, but it's not likely 100%. There might still be altered xml files, etc. be careful between the updates, that if you want to keep track of each backup folder for each update that the backup folder name is unique, or it might dump call the files into the same folder and possibly overwrite a file or two. if that happens the backup folder will just be a sum total of replaced files, that might not accurately represent the state of the files before you started.

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