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    Approval rights in Service Desk


      Hi all,


      I have created a custom process for approval. This process assigns the ticket to an analyst user. This analyst user then has to authorise or reject the ticket. But he problem is that when i login from another Analyst user then also i am able to view both these actions.I want that Reject and Authorise actions should only be visible to the current approver.


      Also 'send for Business Approval' is an custom action defined by me. But this action cannot be seen by the analyst user currently but only the admin can see this action. How do i make that action visible to all the users?

      Above is the process i have defined.

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          Of the firdt question I'd create a pre-condition which checks that the current assigned user is the logged in user.  That way even if the analyst has a role which has the privileged needed to carry out the action, they cannot use the action until the process is assigned to them.  On the second question, add the privieledge required to acrry out the action to a role that the analyst has been given.