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    Passing IP address variable in execute action cmd parameters

    davidg5700 Specialist

      Our asset management system uses a web page post to initiate a scan of the machine to add it as a configuration item.  I am trying to launch the site by firing off iexplore.exe with the url passed as a command line parameter.  This works to fire up IE and try to hit the url, but to scan, the url needs to have the IP address appended to the end, ie:


      https://assetmgmt.company.com/[email protected]@2nsh$QECj-7VzcHuk_yj3GQ68vgH&ip=%IP_Address%


      Using this line results in an invalid parameter message being returned by the discovery web service on the ITAM box.


      This line gets passed up until the & before the variable for the IP address.  Anyone have an idea on how to get this variable to pass?




      LDMS 2016 SU4