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    PHistoryEntry - Unable to write to database


      LANDesk Version


      We had set this up using a dev SQL Server instance.  All was working then we decided to switch it to production.  I took the dev LANDesk database off-line and made a backup and then restored that to the production SQL Server.  And I changed the SQL Server instance to the prod version in the LANDesk Configure Services tool.  And then restarted the inventory service.  Everything except for provisioning seems to work.  When we try to provision a machine, it goes into an endless loop looking for a template. The error below is showing up in the provisioning log file.


      VERBOSE    PHistoryEntry   8/31/2016 3:08:44 PM     : Unable to write to database. Problem with history task record Idn, Declared history task Idn='-1'. History entry's task Idn='0. Next history entry's task Idn='0
      ERROR    ProvisioningWebService   8/31/2016 3:08:44 PM     : Unable to set the action status (historyTaskIdn -1, historyEntryIdn -1, next -1): Invalid history task.


      I'm sure I screwed up something by flipping the databases like that but I don't know what.  Before we go and do a fresh install of LANDesk, does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this?  I appreciate any help.


      Thanks in advance!