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    OS Provisioning fails at map/unmap drive

    Dubois-King Apprentice

      We are attempting to provision Windows 10 on a Dell Precision 7710 with Landesk 2016.  We have done this before on other laptops of the same model but for some reason this particular laptop is not playing well with Landesk.  What happens is it will get stuck on Configuring Target OS, and the laptop itself will be stuck on Windows first time setup.  If we manually do the set up, we find that no drivers are in place, although I can manually install the same network driver that Landesk has assigned for that model (I am not sure why it's not putting the network driver on there but I wonder if that is part of the issue).  If we install the network driver and reboot through PXE again, Landesk will say it has successfully finished the Configuring Target OS job, but then fail on map/unmap drive.  The internal status for the job is -2147477498 and the external status is 2621440.


      Any ideas what the issue might be, or where we are going wrong?



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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          It sounds like CTOS may not be the culprit.  I suspect you have two different failures occurring at once - your NIC driver is not getting installed and also your unattend.xml script isn't being read by the OS. 


          Are you using an inject script action to copy in an unattend.xml to get you through mini-setup?  If so it seems the script is not being read.  I would put wait actions before and after the inject script action, then remote control the device being provisioned.  During the wait periods, validate the unattend.xml is being copied into place correctly.  Also ensure there are no other unattend.xml files already within the image somewhere.  This document explains in more detail:

          How to troubleshoot Inject Script action during OS Provisioning



          Regarding the NIC driver, do you have it assigned in HII?  And HII is running in the Post-OS install section of your template?  I'd suggest running HII in preview mode, and make sure the device ID you have it assigned to is actually being detected while in WinPE.  Here is a doc on running HII in preview mode:


          How to use HiiClient in Preview Mode