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    Auto Action does not execute after pre-condition in a process

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      I have an issue with a reinitialize action in my ITAM module and after test, it's due to the automatic action that's no triggered after dummy pre-condition.


      For the test, i created this process :


      01. Processus.png

      The first pre-condition works well and my ITAM process is created with the status "Attribué" but the process is no reinitialized, even if the pre-condition is true :


      2. Processus après création.png

      The precondition is true, so i have access to the automatic action "add note" :


      3. Historique.png

      And when i perform the "add note" action, the reinitialisation works well, the process is now the targeted process :


      4. After Reinitialise.png 5. New Process.png


      So, i'm pretty sure it's the good way to reinitialise the process in the choosed status, but i don't have idea why it doesn't work automaticaly


      Thanks in advance for your help,