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    HTML links in Workspaces forms?

    csoto Specialist

      I would like to be able to put links to URLs on Workspaces forms. For example, in my "IT Incidents" form, I have a GroupBox named "What is an IT Incident?" that includes just one long Label that explains when to use this form. Within the explanation, I also explain what an "IT Request" is (and how it's different from an Incident). I would like to link to the IT Request process within this text (or provide a button or something), so the user can simply say "oops, wrong one" and click this link. I would do similarly for the IT Request page. Any ideas how to accomplish this, or does this need to be an ER?



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          Motaz ITSMMVPGroup



          I don't believe that you could do that to a label. However, I would do the following:


          * Open Business Object Designer and browser to the relevant module and object you wish to create the link functionality for. In this example, the calculation is been created at the Incident Management - Incident level.

          * Create a new String (-1) html attribute and name it accordingly. For this example the attribute has been named as 'Incident Link

          * Set a calculation type of 'Before Save' and enter a calculation using the following as an example:


          import System

          static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):

               if Incident.Status.Title != null:

                    return String.Format("<a href='YOUR URL HERE'>THE TEXT THAT WILL APPEAR IN THE FIELD</a>")



          In this method, You will be creating an HTML attribute that you can place URLs and your text in. Once it is done, You can place it in the relevant window and set the protection level to "Read Only".