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    Rename a Process or Lifecycle Attribute?

    jross Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I've got a bit of an issue with getting a process to work and log a ticket.

      I have a module called "Social Management" which has an Business Object called "Conversation"


      Two processed have been made on this attribute:




      The discussion process works without any problems.

      The chat process will not open a new chat using the following URL /DEV.WebDesk/wd/object/save.rails?class_name=_SocialManagement.Social&lifecycle_name=Chat&is_new=true&title=Web%20Chat%20Conversation&Description=Testing%20Chat


      The issue appears to be the lifecycle_name is invalid

      When running a query on this attribute within the Conversation Object (_Social part of the URL) it comes back with two Lifecycles:

      Name: NewProcess Title: Discussion

      Name: NewProcess Title: Discussion


      I need to know, is there a way to change these to have:

      Name: NewProcess Title: Discussion

      Name: NewProcess1 Title: Chat