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    In terms of column inventory views - what is difference in Last Update Scan Date, and say other Last "Scan" dates


      i.e, when I look in my Device list view.  I have a column for Last Hardware Scan Date, and Last Update Scan Date.   My Last Update Scan dates seem to be woefully behind the Last Hardware Scan Dates.


      i.e  some devices show 4/8/08 for a Last Update Scan Date, btu show today's date for the Last Hardware Scan Date..




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Here is what they mean:


          Last Antivirus Updates Scan Date

          Last Blocked Application Scan Date

          Last Compliance Scan Date

          Last Custom Definition Scan Date

          Last Driver Updates Scan Date

          Last Security Check Date

          Last Software Updates Scan Date

          Last Spyware Scan Date

          Last Update Scan Date

          Last Vulnerability Scan Date


          All of the above relate to Security and Patch Management. Each is a specific type of content which is why you may not have entries for all of the items. The date displayed depends on whether you have configured your vulnerability to scanner to run regularly. If your Update Scans are not occurring then you are not regularly checking your clients to see if they need LANDesk patches.


          Last Hardware Scan Date

          Last Software Scan Date


          These are for the inventory scanner. It can send a full scan covering both hardware and software or just a hardware scan. these dates and times are taken from the client machine. Beware if you do not have good time synchronisation as these dates and times may be misleading.


          Last Updated by Inventory Server


          last time some kind of inventory scan was received by the core server. The time shown here is the time stamped by the core server when the data is processed. Useful in multi-timezone, if times are not sync'd or if you have a large backlog of scans during the day.



          The inventory ones are the ones that tell you if normal inventory records are updating. the vulscan ones are very important if you use LANDesk for patching etc as they will indicate if your security scans are running correctly.


          Hope this helps.


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