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    HII Crashing

    JKoslowski Apprentice

      We just purchased HP Elitbook 1040 G3s and they are not getting IP addresses in our WinPE environment so I'm trying to track down what is going wrong.  I loaded the NIC drivers into the WinPE environment but with no luck.  This is an ultrabook and the NIC is basically a dongle so I'm assuming there is a driver of some kind for this dongle.


      We're running Win 7 x64 and Landesk 2016.  I am attempting to run the HII in preview so I can see what drivers it would line up and hopefully I'd find the one that needs to be loaded in the preboot.  HOWEVER, HIIClient_x64.exe crashes immediately on run and there is no unique crash information for the application in the eventviewer.  I did follower this article to run the preview mode and I copdied the db3 database down but not sure if I need to point the HII at it or not.


      Any thoughts of what I can check?


      I ran driver view from nirsoft but couldn't find anything.  I did find an "Intel(R) 82802 Firmware Hub Device"

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          Did you recently upgrade to 2016?  The most common cause for HII crashing is if you are using a PXE rep from an older version.  If you did not redeploy pxe reps after upgrading, redeploying them may solve the issue with HII crashing. 


          There is an alternative method to id the correct driver:


          How To: Test Drivers Compatibility Within Winpe

          Keep in mind with LDMS 2016 and a UEFI bios, you'll be using 64 bit WinPE so  you want to locate 64 bit Win 10 drivers for that dongle.  If HP doesn't have them available try Intel (if your NIC is an intel nic).  I'd download all that are available and try loading them manually in WinPE, reinitializing the network stack between each one, until you get a valid IP.  That way you know specifically which driver needs to be injected to your boot.wim.

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            JKoslowski Apprentice

            We did upgrade to 2016 and I have been able to load the NIC into the PE boot.  We don't use PXE boot but I found the solution.  I found that you need to install a LD agent on the workstation first so it fills out the model in the HII db.  Otherwise the program will crash.