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    Imagew 2.15?


      I was looking around our LANDesk server after patching to SP2 and noticed a 2.0 directory in \osd\imaging\. In this directory is imagew.exe.

      This program has a completely different interface and command line arguments. Its title is LANDesk OS Deployment (2.15). It is dated 16 July 2008.


      What is this?

      What are the differences between this version and the imagew 1.63?

      Are the newer images compatible with the older version?


      Where is the documentation


      Which one should we use?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Take a look here:




          This is where the imaging tool is licensed from and will probably give you the info you need.


          Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

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            zman Master

            Mark is correct. The tool is a licensed version of Terabyte's ImageW. Version 2.0 is basically a total rewrite of 1.0. There are too many new functions to list here, however, here are some of the big ones:


            1. Security  - New in version 2: Your backups can be secured using simple password protection, or full 256-bit AES encryption.

            2. Backup Changed Data  - New in version 2: Differential backup option allows you to backup only data that has changed since the last full backup was created.

            3. Compression changes

            4. Multiple command line option additions like /logfile

            5. UI changes

            6. IMAGE FORMAT CHANGES! 2.0 images can't not be restored with Imagew 1,x

            So here is the manual that will have all you are looking for  Manual

            Here is another post about 2.0 http://community.landesk.com/support/message/10699#10699


            We can't really make the decision as to whether to use it or not. Test it and see if it works for you and your requirements. IMO I would say yes since 1.x will eventually drop out of support in the future. Also in my unscientific benchmarks ImageW was much faster than imagex.


            My big complaint on both sides of the coin is that Dave updates the utility way too much and LANDesk does not update it enough 



            BTW it was also in SP1. So if they have updated imagew to 2.15 then it looks like LANDesk is upgrading more frequently - good job guys!!!!!!!!

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              Decisions, Decisions..

              I decided to mark zmans answer as correct as it was more complete.  Sorry MarXtar :(  but I did mark your answer as helpful :)

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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                Oh man! I knew I should have gone for the copy and paste over the link. Admittedly I didn't know if the images were compatible or not so a deserved victory for zman. ;)


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                  Can ImageW[1.x] images be restored wih ImageW 2? Basically, can we use our existing image with the updated tool, or do I need to rebuild, recapture, etc??? 

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                    zman Master

                    Version 2.X only supports the new image format so NO. Please keep a copy of 1.x around just in case you have older images. 

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                      Well that just sucks... It's like Word 2007 not being able to open Word 2003 files...   

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        It's not like the ability to use them has been removed, just use a different EXE.


                        Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancement

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                          So can you use ImageW created images with the ImageW v2.x tool/utility?


                          Basically, I'd like to be able to deploy with the new tool of the older tool created images... It's easier to keep track of one tool then two... Well two instead of three (still use Ghost for the oldest images, Lenovo images made us go to the ImageW tool)... I do plan on making new images in the near future (hopefully within the coming month). When I do, I'll be using all the same tool, to get away from using Ghost... Until then, though, it would be best if we could get used to the new tool on the older image files.

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                            Tom Farrugia SupportEmployee

                            You cannot deploy the old images with the new imagew, or vice versa.  It's like switching from Ghost to Imagew, you just have to recreate your images.  It's not really so hard, deploy and image using the old imagew to a machine and when it finishes imaging and starts to reboot, shut it down and then PXE boot it and capture the image using the new Imagew.


                            It is a pain that they aren't compatible, but like Zman said, they rewrote the code.  The feedback I am getting from some of my clients is it is much much faster than the old imagew, plus lotsa new options to play with.

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                              Ummmmm... no.. That's BAD practice right there... NEVER sysprep an image/system that's been deployed with sysprep run on it... We had too many issues, before I started creating the images, where that was done to systems. It's like changing your oil filter, but putting the same, dirty, oil back in... Might run nice for a while, but eventually you're going to lunch your engine.


                              Every time (yes, each and every single time) I update the image, I create it from ground 0 and capture it once. Especially if there's hardware changes and such involved.


                              This is one reason I'm hoping that the Provisioning function coming in v9 actually works properly for desktops/laptops. To be able to install additional items, or additional MS updates post image, but pre-personalization, in an effecient fashion is highly sought after.

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                                Tom Farrugia SupportEmployee

                                I think you misunderstood. I suggested to image the machine and shut it down after the imageing is complete but BEFORE it boots into mini-setup. Then PXE boot again and recapture the machine. The machine must never enter mini-setup and I assure you it is quite fine.


                                FYI - I agree with your point, never run sysprep on a machine that was previously sysprepped, but thats not what I was suggesting.

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                                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                                  Tom is right, this is the same routine i used to convert my ghost images to LANDesk. Just avoid it booting to windows at all costs otherwise it is ruined.


                                  Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

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                                    zman Master

                                    Tom and Mark are correct it is a supportable solution.

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