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    adding notes in-line

    jkhill Specialist

      My helpdesk staff is insisting that I give them a way to add notes in-line within the main Incident window.  So below the Incident Title and Incident Description fields is a New Note field.  What the staff wants is whenever someone populates that New Note field and hits Save or Save & Close, a process is fired that adds the note to the Notes collection.


      I can easily handle most of this in the process designer: 

      1. Condition:  if New Note is null or == "  " then Yes (Proceed to #2); else No (process flow returns to the current status)
      2. Add note whose subject = Incident.Title and whose body = Incident.NewNote.
      3. Set Incident.NewNote to "  "
      4. Done


      But the above only works if the user mouses over to the left and clicks on a new action called something like Process New Note (and I can have it automatically run after they perform other actions that they'd be calling anyway like Submit or Add Assignment.


      What I can't figure out is how to get the above steps to fire when the user clicks Save.  I know I can set up a trigger to fire whenever a record in im_incident is created or updated, but I don't know how to leverage that SQL trigger to instantiate an action within the Process.


      Any advice?


      I'm on 2016.1 and will be moving to 2016.3 shortly, if that helps.

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          I think you'd need a pre-condition in the process which looks at the attribute like you have done from the status you are at.  Then follow that by the automatic action to add the note, then another action to clear the New Note attribute with a windowless action. Loop back.


          If you'll need to be careful if you are already using a pre-condition followed by automatic action as I seem to recall there was a limit to how many of these you could have at any one status.


          Being grumpy and old fashioned, I'd tell them use the product as intended, but that is just me.  The danger is that you then have one way to add notes and another to assignment, or reminders or ...Consistency is important, but I appreciate you may not be able to simply 'tell' people :-)  You could also look at using a business object report on the query they are using, along with an applink, which would allow them to add a note directly from the list of queries they are looking at by clicking on the applink.

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            jkhill Specialist

            I hear you about using the product as intended, but I have a major problem with user acceptance.  The team is close to mutiny because they are familiar with other tools that have ease-of-use features like in-line assignments and in-line notes OOTB. 


            Yours sounds like a good solution.  My initial testing is treating the automatic action as a manual action, though, so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.  I'll keep you posted.

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              smiddleton Expert

              You could most definitely achieve this with a trigger on the incident table as far as creating a note goes, as all you would do is insert new record into the notes table, but be warned that database triggers are not supported by LANDesk unless created by PS.


              However It gets rather more complex if you want the activity of saving this new note to run any business logic as well, as your options start to boil down to either creating every object manually in the DB via the trigger or writing a custom service and adding the note to an integration table you can monitor and make web service calls from in order to add the note.


              Integration services are not normally real time, i.e. there is generally a small delay of say 1 minute.


              dmshimself is correct the limit of pre-conditions followed by an automatic action is you can have 1 on a status, there is also a limit on how many statuses a record can pass through automatically possibly 2 maybe 3 before it will cease processing.


              A possibility which might potentially work, is to create a string -1 attribute as html. Place a calculation on this field which has a button of save note, the calculated value could actually be a link to a web service call which triggers an add note action on the record and uses the other string -1 attribute you have for them to add a note as the content of the web service call. There maybe some limitations in terms of character limits and/or embedding images and this isn't something i have tried but might be possible to achieve.


              You might well want to speak with LANDesk regarding some PS consultancy unless your familiar with using the LANDesk web api and calculations in order to create the link.


              The web service call you trigger wouldn't need to be "Add Note" but something else that can trigger add note as an automatic action and then perform other steps such as blanking the note field on the main record, regardless how you tackle this I feel the solution is going to be... Interesting!

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                jkhill Specialist

                My earlier issue with Process treating my automatic action as manual was due to having too many preconditions.  I should have read your note more carefully!


                Many thanks.

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                  In this forum I tend give clues rather than specific bullet points to follow!