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    Fixed Date filter not working as expected with 1-Year time interval and time component (expected behaviour?)

    ChrisMoto Apprentice

      Using Xtraction: 15.2.5863.1325


      This was recently brought to my attention from a report designer, something that was overlooked in previous reporting and wasn't noticed until now.


      When using the Fixed Date filter in a time component, and setting the time interval as 1 year (example) - Xtraction appears to start counting the year from the month that was selected, until it hits 12 months and then groups them all together for the year.




      Fixed date filter starting 1-JUN-14, ending 1-JUN-16.


      Xtraction will report 12 months worth of records between June 2014, to June 2015 and group them together as June 2014. Behavior that I would have expected if I asked for "12 Months" but not "1 Year".



      If I were to "View Records" for 2014, it will show me 12 months of records between June 2014 and June 2015. Likewise, 2015 will show me records from June 2015 to June 2016.


      More so, despite selecting the end date as 1-JUN-16 it doesn't stop there. 2016's records continue on from 01-JUN-16 until today. Like it wants to continue on with 2016 and get all 12 months worth.


      Is this expected behavior from Xtraction? Is it by design?

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee



          I am not seeing this behavior.


          When I set a date filter to a fixed range of 1-JUN-14 to 1-JUN-16 and then use a Time Component with the axis label set to YYYY (year only), each year's tickets are grouped correctly (see image below). 2014, 2015, and 2016 appear because the date range includes records found in each of those years. 2014 shows records between 1-JUN-14 and 31-DEC-14, 2015 shows records between 1-JAN-2015 and 31-DEC-2015, and 2016 shows records between 1-JAN-2016 and 1-JUN-2016.  This is exactly what I would expect.


          Are you doing something different from what I just described?  Can you include screenshots of the title bar of the record lists when you do a View Records for any/each of those bars in the yearly bar graph?


          fixed date range question.jpg