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    LANDESK agent for a Surface Hub

    brad.e.smith Apprentice

      We have been approached about applying an agent installation for a Microsoft Surface Hub. After coming up dry in my searches, I decided to see if you all could provide any feedback.


      We are currently running 9.6 sp2 and are prepping for LANDESK Management Suite 2016 testing/deployment. On the whole, we are still running Win7 and are beginning testing for our Win10 rollout as well. We only deploy our agents to desktops and laptops.


      • Does anyone here have experience with creating an agent for the Surface Hub? My understanding of the device is that while the Surface Hub runs Win10 x64, it's not a full OS (falls somewhere between a mobile OS and full OS).
      • Are agents from 9.6 sp2 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) compliant?


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.