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    SLA settings


      Hello all,


      I have a problem when I try to apply my customized SLA settings to requests/incidents.

      I created new SLA agreement for Request module and set for it SelfServiceUsers group and only EntryWay attribute in Manage Agreement Variation Attributes. After that I created one rule in which I chose my Agreement, Customer group SelfServiceUsers, web-portal as EntryWay and Response level - Prioprity 3. The check-box "Use the default settings defined for Change/Response Agreements" is checked.


      Then I go to the SS portal as a user from SelfServiceUser group and order a service from Service Catalog and save the request. Value of EntryWay attribute is web-portal but Response Level field is empty.

      I tried a lot of different rules and settings in SLA module but I still don't understand why it doesn't work in my case (for incidents too).


      Could you please clarify this question for me?

      Thank you in advance.