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    Knowledge search in Webdesk not working

    puetzj Rookie

      Hi together,


      has anybody an additional idea why the knowlege search is not working within webdesk. The Index is build, path to the index for the framework correct, the search within the console is showing the results, but Webdesk gives me nothing out. Search is configured ID and fulltext.


      Has somebody any additional idea what to check?


      Thanks in advance and best regards



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          When your Search service runs and build the search index files they'll be placed in a specific folder.  Your Web Access instance must be configured to point to the same folder your service/framework is dropping those index files.  Additionally, if its on a different server and shared out, the permissions must be setup so that web access can reach it.  Typically people may provide 'Everyone' Read access to that share or something similar.  (The sharing piece only applies if your index files are on a different server than your web access instance.)


          So first thing I'd do is go into Config Center and make sure your free index search path for web access matches the framework that's building your knowledge files.  Make note of whether the files and web access instance are on different servers or not.