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    LANDESK antivirus Licensing Information in

    rmcclung Rookie

      I need a little reminder of where I can find the LANDESK antivirus action center or Licensing Information for 9.0.x.  We are still in 9.0 because of various reasons and now our AV needs its license renewed but Iam struggling to find where I do that.


      Any help?


      Ron McClung


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Don't have a 9.0 Core, so I can't load up screens, but generally the process went something like this ...


          • You need to get (/request?) the relevant license file from us / "your licensing person" for your version of LANDesk  (I've *NO* idea how well that still works for LDMS 9.0)..
          • Under the Security panel, you should have an option to inject an AV license key ... and that's where you use the key you need to get (usually a yearly affair, IIRC).


          ... does that help you a bit?