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    Diverence between Wavelink-Versions



      we are using Wavelink Avalanche 5.3.1 and I was looking for any information regarding new features in Wavelink 6.1.  Is there a version comparison? Got the administration a modern look & feel or is it still the same?


      Hadn't found it on the WebSite, maybe I had overseen it.



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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          Besides adding support for "Smart" devices it is honestly more of a UI refresh than anything. Some features have actually been stripped out and then general user experience of 6.X can be frustrating. Some issues I have with 6.X relative to 5.3 include:

          • You can no longer ping devices in bulk in order to quickly find a device that is powered on
          • You can only use the Web Console version of Remote Control which is less feature rich than the Java Console


          I would still recommend 6.X over 5.3 at this point, but I would prepare yourself for a less stable but more future proofed environment.

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            Ivan.G Apprentice

            I agree with Matt,   These two functionality are very usefull and with the 6.x there aren´t.


            Another functionality I miss      , 

            .- There is not java console to manage the server only web access.

            .- In profiles. SW profile  Network PF,MDP or another profile you did  ,   you can´t filter by name to view only the profiles you want   only can filter by type of profile.

            When you have ten is not a problem but when you have more than a hundred, yes.








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