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    Email Notifications - Not being sent to all analysts


      Hi All,


      We are currently having issues with our email notifications.


      On our Incident Module, some users are receiving the email notifications (Open incident, with customer, etc..) however, a different set of users is not, however, the users that do not receive notifications on incident, do receive them on Request.


      I would like to know if anybody is aware, what triggers this behavior?


      We have verified the "calculations" on the details field as shown below and they are identical in both request and incident.



      We have made tests with the Culture attribute set on the users profile (Language) but this is also identical and does not seem to be the case.


      Could there be permissions on a support group which sends notifications to 1 support group and does not send to another?


      Is anybody aware of an action that can trigger notifications to some users and not to another's? These users are analysts.


      Any further information required please let me know.


      Ricardo Almeida