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    When the clock is stopped on an incident, does the total resolution time or minutes really stop calculating?

    sameralee Apprentice

      In our process, when "With Customer" is checked on an incident, the clock stops until we click action"Back from Customer".  I have received multiple reports that when an incident's clock was restarted after 4 or 5 days they received breach alerts immediately. Our default resolution time is 3 business days, so that led me to think, the clock wasn't really stopped even though it said it was on UI.  I have played around with our SLA settings,  here is what it looks like now.


      The changes I made are:

      * From Activation Status = Open to Activation Status Type = Start, Other

      * Checked "If the Activation Status is reached more than once, re-use Escalations


      Does anyone know if this will fix the issue?