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    Unable to create Incident on Request


      Hi All,


      I am trying to create a process that will close as request and open an incident with some information from the request ticket. (i.e. Shift from Request to Incident ticket).

      For a start i manually tried to create an Incident on the request ticket using 'Create Incident' Action. But the following error shows up.

      Error in Incident Creation.PNG

      Below is the process i am using. It is a fairly simple process.

      Incident creation process.PNG

      Please let me know how to resolve the error.


      Thanks & Regards


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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi sahil,


          the error message just tells you, what to do:

          The attempt to perform the action Attach Request on Incident failed. The action is not available at status Awaiting Response.


          Simply add the action "Attach Request" to your Incident-Status "Awaiting Response". You can add it to the optional actions in the properties of the status. Follow these steps:

          1. Go to your Process Designer and deactivate then open your Incident Process.
          2. Look for the Status "Awaiting Response".
          3. Go to the Properties of this status and open the optional actions.
          4. Add the "Attach Request" action to the right side.
          5. Save everything and activate your process again.

          See screenshot for an example where I added the optional action to another status. Do the same to your Awaiting Response status.



          Now it should work as planned.




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            Hi Andreas,


            Thank you so much for your help. The solution worked