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    What are the required security rights for a user to run a LANDesk AV scan from a console?

    FormerZeroCool Rookie

      I have a few new helpdesk techs and I'm having some issues with the LANDesk AV scan not being an option when they right click on a device within the console.  Techs who are domain admins have the option, but techs who do are not domain admins, are unable to even see the option.  All other functions of LANDesk work for them through the console.  They are members of the LANDesk Administrators, LANDesk Local Techs and LANDesk Management Suite group on the LANDesk server.


      This was visible on LANDesk 2016 (5/16) and is also now visible on (9/16).  Using 9.6 and prior, no one ever attempted to do a LANDesk AV scan through this feature, so I'm not sure if it was an issue then as well with techs who were not domain admins.


      I've included two screenshots to show the errors in question.  Thanks for any help you can give!