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    Assignment Notifications being sent to all users with "Analyst" Role


      Hi All,


      I have a bit of a strange issue where I cannot get to the reason why this is occurring. When placing an "add assignment" on request, on some occasions an email is sent to every user who has an analyst role, some occasions not.


      Below is our current assignment window for request:



      We have the "Role" field. My initial solution was to hide the "role" field, so that users could not select a role.


      This did not work as even with this hidden, sometime an email is sent to all analysts.


      I then noticed that, all the assignments that have sent an email to all analysts had the "notify assignee" and "notify originator" ticked. My second solution was to hide also notify assignee" and "notify originator".


      This did not work as well as we still are receiving some email notifications for assignments, and for others no.


      We have just received another "analyst role" message. I noticed that on the assignments tab, there is the "role title" on the notification that was just sent. Could this have anything to do with that?




      Thanks in advance.


      Ricardo Almeida