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    Automate Autofix


      Is there anyway to Automate the deployment of Autofix?   Every week I have to apply Auto fix maunually to our patches.  Wish there was a way to schedule that task.

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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          If I understand what you are wanting, look into Rollout Projects. We currently use it and, depending on what step you are in, different Autofix settings are applied for different scopes. For example, a patch will start with Autofix on a Pilot scope, then move to another step, which adds Autofix to a secondary Pilot scope. Once that meets criteria, it gets set to Global Autofix. All pretty much automated.


          Introducing Rollout Projects LDMS 2016


          If you are wanting things set to Autofix when it gets downloaded from content, then you can do that under "Download updates" - "Definition grouping" - "Definition download settings...".