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    Core Server Activation


      This issue is getting irritating.


      I use a new VM to perform my testing etc.  Everything is included in the server, core server and DB.  I activate it previously and all my testing was working.  I then wiped the server and reinstalled LDMS 8.8, I wanted to test SP2 before making the attempt on a production core server.


      Everytime I tried to active it I get the same message "This core does not match the previously activated core"


      This is a new build, there's no record of the old core. 


      In my attempts to resolve this problem I wiped the server and build it with a totally different name, yet I'm still getting the same message.


      I tried the email the  activation file to [email protected], they did respond with a activation file but that file does not work.  The event log has this message "Authorization File does not match this Core:"  What gives, this is the same Core server that I'm trying to activate.  I have also tried to activate it using the 45 days activation.  Nothing is working.


      What else can I try, I've wasted a day already trying to resolve this issue.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          You need to contact LANDesk support and tell them what you are doing.  They are trying to prevent piracy by recording unique characteristics of the server so that the same codes can't be used across too many different servers.


          What you are doing isn't unusual but you should build your server and snapshot it before you activate LANDesk then you can go back to the same server just before LANDesk was installed.  LANDesk will need to delete the records they have for activated servers so you can re-activate this one.


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            The snapshot was created prior to LANDesk or any software was installed.  Basically the snapshot is taken just after Windows 2003 R2 is installed, so there should be any legacy data or name to conflict with the previous core. 


            I didn't want to contact LANDesk support and waste 1 tech support  instance ( gees @ $230 it's too much to ask)


            I don't care about my production core license, I'm just trying the 45 day activation.


            Any other suggestions, please?

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              So what happens when you try the trial activation? I would expect that to fail if this server has ever been activated as a trial before. In that case you would need to make the server different enough to qualify for a new trial. Please remember that it doesn't matter that nothing is stored on your core, it is what LANDesk have recorded in their licensing system.


              As far as paying for support is concerned, LANDesk is preventing you from using your licenses on a system that you are entitled to use it on (in my opinion). I would insist this not be charged as support since it is a licensing problem.


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                Nah, even the trial doesn't work.  Similar message.


                How would I make a VM (considering I revert to the snapshot already) different?

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  New VM with a full OS reinstall should do it.  Should give it a different MAC address and serial number that way.


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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    I can't comment obviously on the matter of you getting an incident-based support as opposed to a more usual PMA, but I can hopefully clarify a little here.


                    If you used the 45-day trial activation on your VM, you pretty much MUST build a new VM. We cannot deactivate 45-day trial license entries.


                    If you used your corporate activation credentials, then we can deactivate the old entry (it's just a few clicks) and you should be fine with re-activating your existing Core Server VM again.


                    The whole process should only take a handful of minutes at best.


                    Otherwise, the best advice would be to just build a new VMWare from scratch (ideally with a different name too), and make sure you activate it with your corporate account and NOT the 45-day trial. We keep track of activation days, so the idea of "I know, I'll activate the Core for 45 days, take a snapshot, then roll back as needed" will not work . Using your corporate account for test environment is fine (even with a backup of your production DB) - as long as the account manager is aware why all of a sudden your account has got 2x the node-count reported that you paid for, this is quite fine normally and easy to settle (at no cost).


                    I hope this addresses most spoken & unspoken questions here.


                    Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead