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    Deploying Remote Console

    Yoxinator Rookie

      Hey Everyone,


      I'm in the process writing a batch file wrapper that I will use to install the Remote Console. Eventually, this will become a Distribution Package. Before you kill me for not using Powershell, please don't! Working on converting all of these to PS1.

      Here is what I have:


      :: Install LANDesk Remote Console
      "%~dp0Console\setup.exe" /s InstallDir="C:\Program Files (X86)\LANDesk\ManagmentSuite" Core=<our core server> Feature=RemoteConsole


      The problem is not the install itself; it installs silently without a problem, but using "Core=<Core Server>" does not have the desired effect, which is to pre-populate the Core Server field in the console. The other thought that I had, is that Core=<Core Server> does not do what I think it does...I did notice that C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\LANDesk contains a file called CoreConnectionMRU.xml, which when I rename it, the Core Server field is no longer populated and vice versa.


      If the solution is to copy this XML file down after the installation I can live with that, I just wanted to see if anyone else had done it.