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    MBSDK - Documentation of WebService API


      Good afternoon everyone,


      I'm still looking for a good documentation of the WebService of LDMS.


      Where could I find this documentation ?

      Who should I ask to get this documentation ?


      Version: 9.6

      Framework to call the webservice: Java/JAX RS


      Thank you,

      kind regards,

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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi Eric,


          Thanks for reaching out here on the community.


          Were you able to find any documentation of use? You can always create a support ticket and a member of our support team will be glad to assist you



          Please share your findings here, you might just help people searching for similar material.


          Thanks again for investing your time in LANDESK.



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            Did you get some information?


            Kind regards.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              If we're talking the MBSDK -- you can find a bunch of "how to use the thing" here ==> Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included)


              However, there's a 2nd SDK (a REST-ful API based item) that I'm wrapping my head around ("when i have time" as it were), which is called the LDAPI (it's what Workspaces uses).


              LDAPI is the "replacement" for the old SOAP-based MBSDK, but since the MBSDK has had so many years of development, LDAPI hasn't quite got all of the functional parity yet, so the two co-exist until it's caught up.


              You would probably need to log a support ticket for LDAPI documentation (we *have* some, I'm just not sure what legal items would need to be in place (if any) to hand it out) ... (if the relevant support person "gets stuck" with whom to talk to, they can get in touch with me). It's mainly for that reason that I'm


              Being a REST-ful application, you (sadly) can't just go "at the www-service" and have a nice, WSDL-like "here's everything you can do" list of functions and so on. You do need the documentation to know what you can do / call on (which is a disappointing mark against REST imo). It does work, is in use (Workspaces, Discovery Services, etc.) ... "LANDesk One" partners etc, but is not widely documented (yet ... I'll get to it ... eventually).


              One of the many "to do" items...