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    Changing the default data source in Xtraction


      By default when you attempt to create a report in Xtraction it defaults to the Incidents datasource,  Would it be possible to change it to a different datasource such as Incidents/Problems/Requests?

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          Xtraction defaults to the first view of the first data source that the user has access to.


          If you are currently seeing Xtraction default to Service Desk \ Incidents and prefer the I/P/R view instead, just modify the data model on the server to put the I/P/R view first in the list of views under Service Desk.  Keep in mind, this change affects everyone.


          To reorder, double-click on the data source entry in the tree on the left side.  In the dialog that appears, right click on the view you want first and choose the Move To option to indicate position 0.



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            grgbcb Apprentice

            Is it possible also the change Default Filter: Submit Date During Last Month to a smaller time frame?




            On that note are there any recommended optimizations or performance improvements that can be done to speed up Xtraction? Even though on a month-to-month basis the data amount (records) remains stable with this default filter, the time it takes to create a new dashboard has significantly increased.