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    Image not displayed in Web Desk




      I want to insert image in Report template. I am currently using the path of the image <IMG SRC="C:/Users/landeskservice/Pictures/Image1.jpg" WIDTH="50" HEIGHT="50" alt="Image Not displayed" > THIS IS NOT WORKING.

      I have even used the https://LandeskServer/LDSDWeb.WebAccess/pngimage.png . THIS IS ALSO NOT WORKING.https://desogpr258.hoerbiger.com/LDSDWeb.WebAccess/pngimage.png

      I have even used the https://LandeskServer/LDSDWeb.WebAccess/pictures/pngimage.png . THIS IS ALSO NOT WORKING.


      Can anyone help?




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          andreas.lindner Expert



          maybe you don't need to use an image that is stored on the server as file. I think it is better to store the image in the DB and display it from there. Just have a look at this article: Displaying an icon when an attachment is present

          It describes how to display an icon in a report template if an attachment is present, but you can adapt all steps to show e.g. the status as an icon or if the last update user is not the same user in the current assignment to signal there is something new.


          The advantage of using an image stored in the DB is that you don't need to take care, that all images are present on all servers. If it is in the DB then all servers and users will have access automatically.


          Have a try!