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    Problem with block application in the trusted file list


      Hi everyone,

      I have two win 7 client machine. One - for the get the standard trusted file list, second - for testing this list.

      When I deploy the standard file list on the second machine, the EPS works correct, the information on the client machine is updated.

      But when I try modify trusted file list and block the execution at the application behavior window, rights of the execution of application do not update, more accurately the certification date is updated, but rights remain "allow execution".

      In the same time when I modify protection for the "allow execution" mode, for example clean flag from the "can modife protected files" or any other flag, rights of the execution of application on the client machine is updated correct.

      For update the trusted file list in client machine I use security scan and try update security component and change EPS Settings.

      Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

      Maybe I'm missing something?