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    MDM fails upgrading to 2016.2

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      Upgrading an earlier 7.5 SP1 system directly to 2016.2 fails.  Error is missing "lc_is_calendar_WA" attribute on the lc_action table.


      Interim upgrade through 7.8 to 2016.2 does work though.


      Any scripts to fix this issue so the direct upgrade will work.   Also what is the minimum starting version for the 2016.2 upgrade; the upgrade guide seems to suggest 7.7.0 so would I expect an intermediate hop to 7.7 should work as well?  I'm wondering when the MDM script started to miss this step (and assume it is already there) as I'm sure it was well past 7.8 though no time to try every combination.

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee

          Hi Julian,


          I hope you are well.  You are correct, the earliest version it appears you can upgrade from is 7.7 without an intermediate upgrade.  Having come across this issue, I don't think there will be a script to fix this one.  Because 7.8 is later, I think its recommended if you are upgrading from 7.5 then upgrading to 7.8 onwards is the best option.  I upgraded a customer from 7.5 - 7.8.3 - 2016.2.