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    Report of USB


      I would like to generate report of storage device about "user use storage device" but I don't show about time when user use them.Please tell me.Thank you.

      However when I right click in each client I saw time about user use usb storage(see attach file) but I don't generate in report all of pcs.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          It isn't possible to report on this information in the console but you can get to it through the database. Take a look at the attached doc; this sets up an MSSQL view against this history table. It is very basic and has no filtering or sort options but it is a starter for you. Create a view using this and begin to play with it to see if you can get what you need.






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            So,how can i get data from the database?

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              The file i attached is a sql script that shows the basocs of how to get the data out of the database.  The best way to use this would be to create a SQL View using this script (or a modified version).  If you are not familiar with SQL then you need to speak to someone in your organisation who can help you do this as you probably wouldn't have the access rights even if i gave you a step by step instruction.


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                OK...I got a query for change date but i don't know method for use this query in landesk.Please suggest me thank you.

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  I don't understand your question.  If you are using my script it must be applied through SQL Enterprise Manager (sql2000) or SQL Server Management Studio (sql2005).  It cannot be used within the landesk console because the inventory history data cannot be accessed by the query engine.


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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    Kenchiro - which version of LANDesk do you use exactly?


                    I'm wondering if you're using the "in built" database (i.e. the "free" database that LANDesk offers, if you don't have SQL 2000/2005 or Oracle 9i / 10g). If that's the case, things become a bit interesting.


                    For LANDesk 8.7 and earier, we use MSDE databases - you can get an "of sorts Enterprise Manager" that I've had great success with (and which is free) from here:



                    The tool is called "DbaMGR2k".


                    Now - in LANDesk 8.8 this changed, we no longer use MSDE, we use SQL Express (it's a "better" version of MSDE) -- and for this, Microsoft released a free Enterprise Manager interface. You can get that from here:



                    This way, you don't have to use SQLBuddy (horrible tool) or OSQL (SQL via command-line).


                    Now - if you're NOT familiar with databases and/or SQL, you'll either need to learn about it, or talk to someone who is comfortable with this material. Think of it as "programming code" for the database.


                    Hope this helps veer things into the right direction.


                    Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical lead

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                      OK...Thank you for your suggest.Now I get data aready because I used MS-visual studio2005 and manage script for access database.Thank a lot.